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Free Tutorials 89C51, 89C52 Microcontrollers And Other Varient Of Atmel 051

Following is the section, Free tutorials of 80C51 and 89C52 Microcontrollers. Tutorials include basic and advanced extensive explanations of given topic about AT89C51 and AT89C52 Atmel Microcontrollers. Basic and advanced hardware RAM, ROM, Timers, Watchdog, Debuggers working of microcontrollers and Interfacing with LCD, Display Units, Temperature Sensors LM35, Accelerometers, Current Sensors, Distance Sensors, Direction Sensors, Gas Sensors, Gyro Sensors, Light / Imaging, Flex / Force, IR / PIR Sensors, Temperature, Magnetic / RPM, Weather Sensors, Other Sensors, Resistors, Capacitors, Components. Free 89S51 Tutorials are very easy to learn and work with them, Other Widgets, Prototyping, Tools, Services, Retired, RFID Reader & Tag, General, Bluetooth, Zigbee / XBee, WiFi, Nordic Transciver, Antennas, 16x2 Character LCD, Interfacing Modules, Arduino Boards, Arduino Shields, Arduino Books, Arduino Accessories, GSM/GPRS, GPS. 89S51 Microcontroller Tutorials section is a vast section to provide working of a microcontrollers.