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AT89S51-AT89S52 Development Board Programmer
Introduction 89S51/52  Development Board
The 89S51/52  Development Board and programmer can be used to develop and program 89s52 microcontroller. Low cost 89S52 development board is easily available in the market and it is a very useful tool to develop applications for students. This board has so many hardware features. The cost of 89S52 development board is very low. Low cost 89S52 Development Board is a sophisticate development board equipped with so many useful hardware. It can be connected directly to the laptops or computer with the USB cable and firmware can be updated instantly.
Atmel 89S51/52 microcontroller has 8KB inbuilt flash storage memory and comes with the 11.0592 crystal. This is the in system programmable can be programmed inside the development board so it is not removed from hardware. Interfacing 89s52 Microcontroller with Buzzer, RTC, EEPROM and LCD provision has been already given with its connectors. Board can be used to develop projects 89S51, 89S52 for students. AT89S52 development kit is full -featured development programmer board for the ATMEL AT89S52  microcontrollers and compatible with 8051 Microcontrollers which use RISC core. It has a 40 pin DIP microcontroller which is the heart of the development board.
Available Features Development Board
  • AT89S52/53 Features, Atmel AT 89S52/53 with 11.0592 MHz Crystal Oscillator 
  • Includes  AT89S52/53 Microcontroller, 8 K bytes programmable flash, Three Level program memory lock
  • USB power source, 256 Bytes of SRAM, Eight Interrupt sources
  • External Power Supply range of 7V to 20V, 32 Programmable I/O Lines, Low Power, Idle and Power Down Modes
  • Adaptor (any standard 9-12V power supply) option, Interrupt Recovery from Power-down Mode, Watchdog Timer
  • RS-232 Interface (For direct connection to PC’s serial port), Dual Data Pointer, Power-off Flag,Three 16-Bit Timer/Counter
  • Two Line LCD Display (2x16), One Serial USART, Power Consumption ~  25mA, Operating voltage
  • I2C EEPROM (4K-AT24C04) interfacing,  5V for  AT89S52/53
  • I2C RTC (DS 1307) with Crystal and Battery, AT89S52 Included (AT89S51 and AT89S8253 also supported)
  • 7-Segment LED Display interfacing, 5v voltage regulator, On/Off switch, 
  • Matrix keyboard (12 keys) interfacing, Power Indicator LED, Reset Button, MAX232 based TTL to RS232 Adaptor
  • Built in Pull-Up (4 Keys) Keyboard, 9 PIN D Type Female Connector for RS232 Communication, 24MHz Crystal
  • Infrared Sensor Interface – TSOP 1738 interfacing, 10 PIN FRC Box Header for In Circuit Programming
  • Built in 8 LED Interface to test I/O, Pullups on PORT0, Free Prototyping Area
  • External Interrupts and Reset buttons
  • Buzzer Interfacing
  • Board Relay Interfacing
  • JTAG Connector for Debugging
  • ISP Connector for Atmel microcontrollers
  • 16 MHz Crystal Oscillator
  • Power LED Indicator
  • DB9 Connector interfacing
  • On Board 1 Amp 7805 Voltage Regulator