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Introduction ECG Measuring Sensors

ECG measuring sensors and devices are very important and common these days and available in very hospital and clinics. By interfacing ECG sensors with 89C51 microcontroller we can develop applications or student projects. These devices are used to calculate ECG while physical examination. ECG measurement is the most important step in medical science because it has direct relation with the human heart or cardiac system. The devices monitor ECG of the patient while cardiac examination in hospitals or clinics. Interfacing ECG Sensors with 89C52 is very easy. Now these days wireless ECG devices are used some based on Bluetooth ECG devices, these are contact less medical equipments. ECG interpretation is used to predict the condition of the heart. Everyday new devices are developed in the market now Android Based ECG Sensors are available in the market that can run directly from Cell Phone to calculate ECG. Testing and tutorial of ECG rate measurement systems are available in documentation of devices learn how to interface ECG Sensor 89S51 microcontroller. Determine and detection of ECG through sensors gives accurate data for analysis. Reading ECG rate through these sensors is very easy to understand and suggest proper medication to patient. We can develop students projects and various application while interfacing ECG Sensor with 89S52 Microcontroller.