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AVR ATMega16-32 Development Programmer Board

Introduction Atmel AVR ATMega16-32 Development Board

A general and common 40 hardware pin AVR advanced development board having on board LM7805 regulated power supply with RS232 serial for serial communication with computer or outer world, a reset switch along with power LED. The programmer and development board is compatible with both ATMega16 and ATMega32 and other microcontroller having 40 pins. This programmer and development board for beginners and advanced engineers. You can test and run your program on it. An AVR USB simple wire is used to program ATmega board. 
This advanced microcontroller development board is enough and great way to kick start programming and downloading with Atmel’s latest, advanced microcontrollers ATmega series. Downloading program is very simply by connecting RS232 With ATMega16 Microcontroller. Board includes power supply with RS232 and crystal mounted over the pcb along with microcontroller. Additional connecters are used to connect with RS232, SPI.
ATmega32 Development Board Features And Specifications
  • Included Status 4 LEDs, 16x2 Character LCD
  • 4 Push Buttons, 4x16 Keypboard On Board, RS232 Serial Interface
  • Connected Buzzer AVR Microcontroller, PWM output
  • Real-Time Clock DS1307 connected via I2C
  • 24C04 I2C Serial EEPROM onboard
  • LM35 Temperature sensor/transducers connected to ADC of ATmega32
  • Inbuilt Light sensor (LDR) To ADC of ATmega32
  • Potentiometer connected to ADC of ATmega32
  • RC5 Infra Red IR receiver/Sender
  • 2x5 JTAG connector, Reset switch on board
  • MAX232 to connect external world GSM, GPS Modems
  • Onboard 5V LM7805 Voltage Regulator, Power Status LED(Green And RED
  • 16 MHz Quartz Crystal oscillator circuit.
  • ATMega16 Microcontroller with 16kb internal Flash Program Memory
  • Test LED for check program, Power and Programming LED
MAX232, DS1307, 24C04 I2C, LDR,  JTAG, RC5, 5V LM7805
Software Used To Program
You can use flash magic to download program in the microcontrollers memory, Bascom and AVRs other programs can be downloaded from the Intel’s website.