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ECG Measuring Sensor

The ECG sensor is used to measure heart electrical waveforms, voltage which is generated with the contraction of the heart and its muscles. This sensor is used to create 3-lead ECG tracing to store electical function in the heart and save collect surgace EMG data on its, to capture the contractions in muslces in your legs,arms or all important body parts. ECg sensor handles or process EGC frequency from the microcontroller board. Hold the device with both of theh thumbs and you will start getting output of analog frequencey from the sensor. The EcG sensor is operated by ion battery or cells which generates and gets output. It records and stores the raw frequency signals of ECG with 3-axis acceleration system, temperature.

connect iot with ecg monitor sensor

Interfcing with 8051 microcontroller is very simple without using any exernal electrical components. Software is used to collect data. Interfacing with 89c52 microcontrollers with C code or .Net is very easy. Interfacing with 89S52 with ECG sensor is more flexible. You can use Keil C compiler with 89S51 Microcontroller to learn. VB.Net software is also used for this purpose.




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