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Interfacing 8051
Interfacing ATMEL/NXP Microcontrollers With External Hardware

An embedded application is compiled with so many hardware components which are easily available in the market at very low cost.External hardware like Sensors, Solar panels, relays, LCD, LED, GSM, GPS, Wireless, Batteries and Holders, Solar, Components, Prototyping, Enclosures, Motors, Wheels, Pulleys and Tracks. An embedded application may be a students projects or any commercial project. A single microcontroller is not enough to run the applications, So interfacing 89c51 microcontrollers with these components are must, you can also interface 89C52 microcontroller also with these components. A tiny firmware or software is used to run the application with the hardware and 89S52 interfacing can be used to run the applications or 89S51 microcontrollers can be replaced with them. All of these microcontrollers are from ATMEL and variants of each other. But they have hardware features different from each other.