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IOT-Internet Of Things

Internet of things introduction

Internet of things terms refers to the methods of connecting devices with each other and command each other to act accordingly. They work in two methods.

  1. Connecting devices means each device is connected with each other and commands others to do some predefined tasks. Means a temperature controller at home command exhaust fan to start or stop.
  2. All devices are controlled through computer means a website or a cloud services, used to see and monitor the device status and take decisions accordingly, will discuss each of them shortly.

Connected Devices: As mentioned above in this method we connect several devices with each and they command each other to perform a predefined tasks in series of steps. Example, An alarm clock is connected with the bread toaster and water heater and switching of other devices means bulbs in garden etc. In this scenario if you setup alarm at 5 Oclock in the morning, when alarm beeps, a device connected with the alarm clock command the toaster to start its working, and water heater to start heaing process for hot water, will switch off all garden lights or other bulbs.

Remote Monitoring and Controlling
Example you are running a company and manufacture water bottles, in this case your entire plant will be connected with the devices, all devices will command each other for next step to work accordingly and a remote user sitting on website or cloud server will see the whole production, raw material status and machines health status, machine down time. We can control entire setup and plant with the single click, we can on and off any machine execute any event.

How it works
It is very easy to understand, each device is connected with a already subscribed cloud API services, and entire status of the device is controlled by this cloud service. Devices send their status to cloud services and cloud command the devices to work accordingly.
IOT modules which are tiny device are connected to the board of every devices, example a temperature controller will have a temperature sensor connected directly with this and when entire chip read the temperature and sends it back to the cloud services, you can also display the temperature at the same place with the help of LCD or led board. Now you can see the temperature of your room from remote area on website or cloud server from anywhere in the world.