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GSM Modem with RS232 Serial and USB Interface

GSM Modem with Serial and USB Interface

It’s a very versatile plug and play GSM high power modem that comes with serial and usb interface. It uses AT commands to operate its functions. It can easily interface 8051 microcontroller and develop applications. Standard RS232 port is used to transmit the data to computer and other devices. GSM modem interface with 89C51 microcontroller is very simple. Serial port of USB can be used to interface GSM Modem with 89S51 Microcontroller and detect the geographic location of the device. The cost of GSM modem is very low and can be purchased from anywhere with guarantee. How to interface GSM Modem with 89S51 Microcontroller is very important question. When we connect GSM Modem with 89S52 microcontroller we can use Serial Port or USB port to work with Microcontroller. Simple TTL commands can be sent from the device and received to perform desired function. It has inbuilt SIM300 module to work with.

Technical Specifications And Features GSM Modemhome automation USB GSM Modem 89S51 89S52 Interfacing

  • Interfacing 89c51 Microcontroller with SIM300 GSM module.
  • Intergrated USB interface With 89S51 Microcontroller
  • Industry Standard Serial RS232 Connect With 8051 Microcontroller
  • TTL Transistor To Transistor Logic To interface with 8051 Microcontroller
  • Power Led, RING Detection and Network LED, Timer
  • Controlling GSM Modem With 89C51, 89c51 Microcontroller
  • SIM300 At Commands With 89S51, 89S52 Microcontroller
  • Keil C, C++ Code Program to interface GSM Modem With Microcontrollers
  • Setting Baudrate control for serial baudrate from 1200 to 115200 bps
  • Voltage Operating On – 15V AC.