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Temperature Sensors
Temperature Sensor Introduction & Interfacing
As name suggest, temperature sensors are used to measure the sensonrs when we interface temperature sensor with 8051 microcontroller. There are vast varieties of temperature sensors in the market across the world, includes thermocouples and thermistor, infrared sensor and resistance temperature detectors (RTD). 

Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)
RTD is a kind of temperature device which alters its resistance changes with the changing temperature.To calculate the resistance apply current to the sensor, measure the voltage and determine the resistance RTD. Interfacing RTD with 89C51 Microcontroller is very easy. Then we compare the resistance vs temperature plot to select the temperature of the environment medium.
Thermistor is the similar to the RTD sensor, it Is the device whose resistance changes with the environment temperature. You can interface Thermister with 89C52 microcontroller after creating a simple circuit. Thermistor are made from semiconductor materials, we can measure the voltage as we measure in RTD devices. But thermistors exhibit a highly nonlinear resistance vs. temperature curve). Thus, in the thermistor’s operating range we can see a large resistance change for a very small temperature change. This makes for a highly sensitive device, ideal for set-point applications.

IC Temperature Sensors
Thermistors and RTD sensors may be the same kind of simple devices, but they cannot be used in the mechatronic systems and applications. We purchase this sensor and interface with microcontroller and build circuit apply current and read the output from ADC devices. It needs AAnalog To Digital Converter. Interfacing IC temperature sensor with 89S51 and 89S52 microcontroller creates very strong applications.