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LM35 Temperature Sensor - Temperature Measurement
Introduction And Fundamentals LM35 Temperature

Lm35 Is a low cost temperature detection sensor with ability to capture the temperature and display it to the desired unit. Students can make project by interfacing lm35 with ADC0804, a ADC analog to digital converter. You can interface 89C51 Microcontroller with LM35 Temperature sensor. Projects, downloads and circuit diagrams are easily available on the website, how to connect lm35 with 89C52 microcontroller. Using C Code , Assembler, Debugger and Programmer, sophisticated applications can be developed easily, You can use Keil C, Turbo C, Assembly Language to write code for interfacing LM35 with 89S51 microcontroller. You can display temperature on LCD, Seven Segment Led using temperature sensor. A digital thermometer with LM25 temperature sensing unit can be developed by electronic students for their university projects. It can be used developed industrial, medical applications. You can download datasheet LM35 and ADC0804 from website for further in depth information.
interfacing ADC 0804 with 89c51 89c52

Applications of LM35 :
  • Medical Devices
  • Industrial Furnaces Applications
  • Home Applicances
  • Security And Safety Equipments
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Automation in Heating Systems
  • Heating Arlams